Scientific Program

We are very pleased to introduce CAPMR Co-Developed, Accredited Symposia and Workshops for our 2018 Conference. All Co-developed Accredited Learning Activity sessions are pre-approved by the Conference Organizing Committee, and are accredited by the CAPM&R after complying with the accreditation guidelines of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) and Canadian Medical Association (CMA). The Conference Organizing Committee has acted as the Program Planning Committee for all accredited sessions, and third-parties (including industry, external planners, or communication companies) are not involved in the program development, in order to maintain objectivity and scientific integrity. The Co-developed Accredited Learning Activities are accredited as part of the Conference program under Section 1 and/or Section 3 of the RCPSC’s Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.

May 29

Wednesday, May 29 – Pre Course
State-of-the-Art Care of the Neurologically Impaired Upper Extremity
0700-0800 Registration & Breakfast
0800-0815 Pearls for UMN upper extremity exam
Mark Campbell
0815-0835 Functional Electrical Stimulation in Stroke
Denyse Richardson
0835-0850 Virtual Reality Therapy in Stroke Rehab
Lisa Sheehy & Hillel Finestone
0850-0905 Robotics for Upper Extremity Rehab in Stroke
Sean Dukelow
0905-0920 Discussion/ Q&A
0920-0950 Interventional Dtrategies for Pain Management in the UMN Upper extremity
Harp Sangha
0950-1000 Surgical Management of Neuromas in Residual Limbs
Nancy Dudek
1000-1015 Discussion/ Q&A
1015-1045 Refreshment break
1045-1105 Evaluation of Tetraplegics for Nerve Transfers: Clinical & EMG
Gerald Wolff
1105-1115 Potential Nerve Transfers in Stroke
Kirsty Boyd & Gerald Wolff
1115-1130 Nerve Transfer Surgery in Tetraplegics
Kirsty Boyd
1130-1140 Therapy Post Nerve Transfers in SCI
1140-1150 Outcomes Post SCI Nerve Transfer
1150-1210 Discussion/Q&A
1210-1315 Networking Lunch
1315-1335 CRPS – Diagnosis & Medical Management
Gerald Wolff
1335-1405 Implanted Peripheral Nerve Stimulator for Radiotherapy-induced Brachial Plexopathy
Michael Gofeld (Anesthesia)
1405-1435 Beyond Steroid Injections for UE Compressive Mononeuropathies: Interventional Therapies for Neural Regeneration
Nimish Mittal (PM&R)
1435-1450 Discussion/Q&A
1450-1505 Break
1505-1520 Nerve Transfer Surgery: Types, Timing, Patient Evaluation
Gerald Wolff
1520-1550 Nerve Transfers – Surgery & outcomes
Kirsty Boyd – Plastics
1550-1605 Therapy Post Nerve Transfer
Carolyn VanGool (OT)
1605-1620 Tendon Transfers in Upper Extremity Neuropathies
Sarah Shiga (Plastics)
1620-1630 Discussion/Q&A
1630-1645 Shoulder Stablization: Fusion & Tendon Transfer
1645-1800 Free Time
1800-2100 Welcome Reception


May 30

Thursday, May 30
Neuromuscular Program
0700-0800 Registration & Breakfast
0800-0815 Welcome ceremony
0815-0835 Pediatric NM Clinical Research & Available Treatments & Trials
Hugh McMillan
0835-0855 Advancements in NM Genetics: Impact on Clinical Care
Jodi Warman-Chardon & Robin Parks
0855-0915 Update on Clinical Research and Care of Patients with ALS
Ari Breiner
0915-0935 Principles of Pulmonary Care in Patients with NM Condidtions
Sherri Katz
0935-0955 Neuromuscular Panel
0955-1025 Break in the Exhibit Hall
1025-1115 Rehabilitation Models of Care for Patients with NM Conditions
Sue Dojeiji & Anna McCormick
1115-1210 Keynote & Humanitarian Lecture:
Ethical Considerations in Funding Health Care: What sort of life should not be prolonged?
Jeff Blackmer
1210-1310 Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
Poster Session 1
1310-1435 Amputee SIG
Medical Education SIG
Pain SIG
1435-1505 Resident Town Hall
1505-1700 Medical Legal SIG
Stroke SIG
Community SIG
1605-1705 Resident Town Hall
1705-1800 Free Time
1800-2100 Free Evening Sponsor Social & Resident Social


May 31

Friday, May 31
Scientific Symposium
0700-0800 Registration & Breakfast
0700-0800 CPRDF Annual General Meeting
0800-1015 Research Program: Research and essay contest presentations, Moderator: Eldon Loh
1015-1105 Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall
Poster Session 2
1105-1235 Continued…
Research Program: Research and essay contest presentations, Moderator: Eldon Loh
1235-1335 Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
1335-1405 Award of Merit Lecture
1405-1435 Meridith Mark’s Award Lecture
1435-1800 Golf or Free Time to Explore Gatineau/Ottawa
1800-2100 CPRDF Fundraising Dinner
Seventy-Five years of Rehab and still learning
Dr. Charles Godfrey


June 1

Saturday, June 1
Rehab Updates and Technological Advances Symposium
0700-0800 Registration & Breakfast
0800-0820 Welcome, General Housekeeping, Complete Your Evaluations
0820-0835 Osseointegration
Nancy Dudek
0835-0850 Post stroke Fatigue
Christine Yang
0850-0905 Stem Cell Therapy for MSK Conditions
Mark Campbell
0905-0920 Use of Big data for Research in Rehabilitation
0920-0940 Refreshment Break
0940-1210 Competence By Design: “Why everyone should care about the next frontier in medical education”
0940-1030 Competence by Design – What is it and why should we all care?
Sue Dojeiji
1030-1120 Competence by Design – Expectations of Individual Physiatrists
Denyse Richardson
1120-1210 Competence by Design – Expectations of Residency Programs
Nancy Dudek
1210-1315 CAPM&R Annual General Meeting
1315-1450 SCI SIG
International SIG
1450-1520 Refreshment Break
1520-1620 Allergan Co-Developed Session – Spasticity
Paul Winston & Jorg Wissell
Healthcare On the Reservation in the United States: Successes and Challenges of One Community and the Power of PL-638
Nam Le (PT)
1620-1630 Transition to Closing Plenary
1630-1700 Closing Remarks
Halifax 2020 Launch
1700-1800 Free Time
1800-2100 Banquet & Awards