Message from the President

11 years ago during a joint university Fellowship exam study session, Agnes Chmiel from McMaster lamented that she had attended a practice OSCE at another school and did poorly on a station. She had used the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) to test cognition. It was not accepted and she was supposed to use the Folstein MMSE. Of course the “made in Canada test” is free, vs. the copyright protected MMSE.   Our group agreed the examiners were, perhaps, behind the times. Flash forward to January 2018… it was used to test the competency of the American Presidency…so yes Agnes, you were right!

We belong to a diverse speciality with many areas in which to battle to stay up-to-date . One of the reasons that many of us appreciate our annual CAPMR Scientific Meeting is the broad spectrum update on the specialty. I enjoy learning up-to-date refreshers and clinical pearls.

Even more, I love the social networking, and comparisons. Over coffee, I have picked up on a few anecdotal tricks or medication indication that I use in daily practice. Sharing cases, difficulty patients, and research ideas with my peers is worth the trip alone.

This year we travel to end of the country. Our ED, Heather Dow was bold to propose such a far flung locale; but history tells us, the edges bring us closer. Victoria and St. John’s had high attendance…so let us raise the bar again! No one should be jet lagged in the mornings on Pacific Time, and the long long days, should keep you up and refreshed. I admittedly have been to 9 provinces and Nunavut. I am keen to cross one more territory off my bucket list.

Our Scientific Committee Co-Chairs, Jaime Yu, Mohan Radhakrishna and Lalith Satkunam have been outstanding and the CAPM&R office is doing a great job on the infrastructure and planning – we have a great speaker lineup and fantastic industry support.

Please join us in the Yukon (or is it just “Yukon”? – the northern debate)! It is even accessible enough that we can invite a German speaker thanks to direct flights to Frankfurt!

~Paul Winston, President CAPM&R